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  • Historical Restoration of Copper Roof and flashing of Decorative Dormer on Famous Millbrook Estate by Craftsman Metal
  • Architectural Metal Roof with Ice Dam Drip Edge
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  • SkyLight Installation within an Architectural Metal Roof
  • Copper Roof over Garage Doors by Craftsman Metal, Newburgh, NY
  • Copper Gutters and Downspouts by Craftsman Metal, Westchester County, NY
  • Copper Gazebo Roof in Bahamas


Specialty Architectural Effects 
			      Historical Restorations by Craftsman Metal

Eliminate Winter Ice Dam Problems Forever!


Craftsman Metal Custom Created Copper Finial

Featured Client Projects

Dutchess County MY contemporary home roofed and sided by Craftsman Metal

Working with an inspired architect whose goal was to provide a durable exterior for a contemporary residence, Craftsman Metal installed Steel Galvalume® cladding to both walls and roof of this structure located in the heart of New York's Dutchess County, where winters can get pretty intense. Coated with almost equal parts aluminum and zinc, Galvalume® is an excellent deterrent to rust.

Bahamas Beachfront Home with Copper Roofig by Craftsman Metal

Although copper in its virgin state is certainly glamorous, its natural aging process will introduce the patina tone which will not only protect it from corrosion and deterioration for up to 200 years or even much longer, but will define it over the long-term as the highest quality material for its resilience and durability. Ironically, while some are impatient with the sometimes gradual rate of evolution to its patina aesthetic, within a seaside environment, the salt air will hasten the process to an almost immediate shift in color. Once this occurs, the metal will be exceptionally stable for much longer than a normal human life span.
Historical Westchester NY home with copper gutters and downspouts by Cratsman MetalWith a century of life already part of its legacy, this ornate New York Westchester home opted for decorative copper gutters and downspouts to ensure the permanence, functionality and peace of mind that comes with such an investment. The cast bronze hangers used served to further enhance the look of metallic quality.

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